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I've been meaning to write and thank you for ages for the brilliant Bounce back course you ran. What reminded me to write was that last weekend I fell backwards on concrete, hit my head and my coccyx real hard, big bruise on both! That evening my back felt really battered and I was worried I was in for a bad time. BUT the next day I was fine!  I'm feeling so much stronger all over, knees are giving me practically no jip and my back is so very much more comfortable.  It is lovely to spend the day labouring hard in the garden and not to suffer for it!!!!  I do 15 to 20 minutes exercise every morning and walk the dogs (my new way of walking!) every afternoon. IT WORKS!! So thank you.


All the best




I’ve been a patient since 2008 when I had ankle surgery. Marlene provided a rigorous, well controlled rehabilitation plan that gave me 100% ankle function back and I have remained pain free since. We have continued to work on other issues arising from my hyper-mobility and the critical thing for me is that Marlene has helped me understand the root causes of my issues rather than simply treating the symptoms. We've worked together to strengthen the weak areas and tackle my issues one by one, I’m a bit of a work in progress! Taking the Bounce Back courses have given me a real transformation - the exercises translate easily into real life, over the weeks I was able to use the exercises to reduce my pain so do more and I have been able to apply what I have learned to everyday situations that would have caused me problems in the past.
I think that Marlene is an excellent and very experienced clinician. She is able to explain my problems to me in ways that I understand and she helps motivate me to work on them, even when it takes me a while to get to grips with the exercises! I can now do so many day to day things now that limited me in the past so I’m a very happy patient.